Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WIN a Tunnel Greenhouse for Your Garden 10'x25"x17"

We're having a contest to give away one of our 10'x25"x17" Tunnel Greenhouse's. It can be seen here including more pictures: http://www.i10direct.com/categories/Home-%26-Garden/

About the product: It is 10 feet long, 25 inches wide and 17" tall, This mini, or Tunnel Greenhouse is perfect for extending your growing season. Start your Garden in early spring with no fear of a late snow or frost. Made of Clear Thick polyethylene allows full sun to plants, with green reinforced bi-directional filaments for added strength and tear protection. The frame is made of strong metal. This unit is built for years of use.

This unit will protect your plants from Harsh Weather of all kinds, Snow, Frost, Heavy Rain, Strong Wind, while creating a warm insulated environment for your garden. Also protects against Pests and Animals

No Assembly required, just remove from box, remove rubber bands holding frame together, stretch over your garden row, and firmly "plant" the frame into the ground. No tools required!

The i10Direct Tunnel Greenhouse allows you to grow MORE crops per year! Use year after year after year, this is a sturdy built mini greenhouse and we are certain that you will be pleased with your purchase! We ship FAST, your order leaves our warehouse no later than the nest business day, with most orders shipping the same business day.

About the Give Away: We will give one of our Tunnel Greenhouse's away, with free shipping. We can only ship to a United States address for this contest.

How do I enter? Do any or all of the following:
*Comment on this article below. this counts as 1 entry
*Sign up for our newsletter on our site: http://www.i10direct.com , this counts as 1 entry
*"Like Us" on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/i10Direct , this counts as 1 entry
*Post about and link to this contest on your blog, website, or Facebook, counts as 2 entries for each you do. Be sure to link to each post in the comments below, otherwise we will not know you posted it.

If you do ALL of the above, you will be entered to win 9 times! Statistically, the more "entries", the better your chance of winning!

Contest ends on Friday January 28, 2011 at midnight EST. The winner will be notified on the following Monday, and with permission we will post their name here.

Good luck!
Jason Archambault

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top 500 - Amazon’s first LivingSocial offer breaks records

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Daily deal site LivingSocial today launched a nationwide offer of a $20 gift card for $10 from Amazon.com Inc., No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, to each of its more than 170 markets.

The deal, which is available for 24 hours, sold more than 625,000 gift cards in less than seven hours after it was posted, making it the most-purchased daily deal offer ever. The deal surpasses Groupon’s most popular offer, Gap Inc.’s (No. 23) discount of $50 in Gap merchandise for $25. That offer sold more than 441,000 vouchers in August.

Moreover, as of 2:30 p.m. Eastern time today, more than 24,000 consumers had shared the LivingSocial offer on Facebook, which is a key part of the Groupon rival’s marketing strategy. LivingSocial aims to make its offers go viral by giving a consumer a free voucher if she refers three friends who buy an offer.

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The Groupon effect

The deal marks the first clear sign of Amazon.com’s influence on LivingSocial since it announced a $175 million investment in the daily deal site in December.

“It’s unclear who is helping who here,” says Greg Sterling, an analyst and the founder of Sterling Market Intelligence. “It looks like Amazon is helping LivingSocial but the logic is also that once people are at Amazon, they’ll likely buy more than they anticipated—particularly because consumers have to spend $25 to receive free shipping. It’s a pretty smart calculation.”

The offer illustrates the embryonic nature of the daily deal industry, says Lou Kerner, vice president of equity research at Wedbush Securities.

“This shows how much opportunity there is for innovation,” he says. “If these sites can get someone of Amazon’s reach to participate they will get a large number of people to partake in an offer. Certainly Amazon will benefit as an investor in LivingSocial, but they also might attract new customers.”

Kerner says other large retailers should take notice of Amazon’s play.

“If I were another large retailer I would look to participate in one of these deals and maybe even leverage my large reach to acquire one of the daily deal competitors and help it grow the way Amazon is helping LivingSocial grow,” he says.

Online Sales: Growth: See More

Interesting new ?Fad? happening here with Groupon, now Amazon. Will it work for your business?

Jason Archambault

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Use a Polytunnel (Tunnel Greenhouse) to Protect Your Plants From Frost

Posted on 27th Dec 2010 @ 2:44 PM

A polytunnel is a fantastic alternative to a greenhouse or coldframe for keeping your plants protected during the cold winter months. A polytunnel cloche is far cheaper than other methods of plant protection and can be placed directly over a plant in your garden meaning that your plant does not need to be uprooted and moved.

A poly tunnel can protect against frosts and increase the longevity of your plants. Most people will recognise the semi-circular shape of a poly tunnel without knowing the correct name for this garden product.

Frosts and cold weather cause the water in plant cells to freeze which damages the cell wall. It is easy to spot frost damage on a plant; their growth will become limp, blackened and distorted. A poly tunnel can prevent frost damage and are extremely affordable.

What is a polytunnel?
A Poly tunnel is essentially a polythene sheet supported by a row of metal hoops that you can place over your plants. The tough UV stabilised polyethylene forms a complete barrier against the cold, it retains humidity and warmth and fully protects your plants from harsh weather and frosts. A poly tunnel normally has a door at each end to allow easy access to your plants. The door also provides good ventilation that can be adjusted depending on the temperature.

Polytunnels are far cheaper than greenhouses and coldframes. Made from polyethylene they are extremely durable and unlike the glass panes on a greenhouse will not shatter or become hazardous to children.

As well as protecting your plants in the colder months using a polytunnel will extend the growing and crop producing period of your plants. A poly tunnel will help to prolong crops during the autumn and can also be used to warm the soil for early planting in the spring.

Vicki Copp is a writer for Jacks Garden Store, she offers gardening advice and tips for novice and experienced gardeners. At Jacks Garden Store you will find a fantastic range of garden cloches and polytunnels within the grow your own section of this website.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge Vicki.

See all of our Greenhouses, including our tunnel greenhouse, by clicking here: http://www.i10direct.com/categories/Home-%26-Garden/

A 700 Foot Pedestrian And Bike Bridge For Portland

Good news for Portland residents as the construction of a 700 foot bridge connecting Lair Hill neighborhood to the South Waterfront District is commencing this month. The Gibbs Street Pedestrian bridge will be used exclusively by walkers and bike commuters and would be made in a steel box girder style, featuring an elevator and stairways.

This innovative pedestrian and bicycle bridge will run adjacent to the aerial tram and is expected to be ready in a year’s time.

Exclusive Pedestrian And Bike Bridge In Portland 2

Exclusive Pedestrian And Bike Bridge In Portland 3

Exclusive Pedestrian And Bike Bridge In Portland 4

Gibbs Street Pedestrian bridge

[via Meta Efficient]

Thought I'd share an article I came across for all your bicyclers in Portland.

Bike Trailers & Accessories

HowTo: Make Duct Tape Panniers - BikeHacks

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HowTo: Make Duct Tape Panniers

This entry is a Bike Hacks Classic.  The recent entry on using political signs for panniers that was submitted by Smitty reminded me of it.  Enjoy!


Well, these panniers aren't quite entirely made of duct tape, but they sure use a lot! Kent Peterson put up a great page detailing how to make these duct tape panniers. The concept is pretty simple and definitely hackable--there ought to be tons of variations on this same design.


The basic idea is to acquire a couple of plastic containers--Kent used pet food containers. Cut the top at an angle, so that when the panniers are mounted the bottom of the pannier is farther from your heel. Find an old political campaign sign, or Realtor sign (the material is called coroplast) and cut a couple of tops for your new panniers. Kent used zip ties to attach the lids to the bodies. In order to hang the panniers from his rear rack, Kent used some double shower hooks (refer to his pictures for a better visual explanation) mounted to the pannier.


Seems to me that this would be the weakest part of the design since pretty much all the weight from each pannier is hanging on those shower hooks. Kent's pictures don't show it, but the hooks seem to just be screwed in through the plastic with little reinforcement. Should be fine for relatively light loads, but I'd imagine a few books in the pannier could start to cause the pannier to hang low and possibly slip off the rack.

Kent keeps the whole business strapped down with bungee cords and spare toe clip straps. The toe clip straps are mounted near the hooks in order to keep them tied down. The bungees wrap from the rack, around the pannier, and back onto the bottom part of the rack braces.On the whole, it's a really cool idea and a relatively inexpensive set of panniers. Kent mentioned that he'd been considering Oyster Buckets (or, for Portland folks, some BikeBuckets), but his design definitely offers more heel clearance, which is a must for a bigfoot like me.

Posted by Matt at 01:01 AM in DIY, Repurpose, Storage

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I just saw yesterday that duct tape now comes in prints, what I saw was college logo's, could liven things up.

Posted by: Jason | 01/12/2011 at 01:25 PM

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I guess it would be waterproof also?

Get to work!
Jason Archambault
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Salubrious Commute: How Pedaling Can Save Your Life; Utility Cycling

The Salubrious Commute: How Pedaling Can Save Your Life

The Salubrious Commute: How Pedaling Can Save Your Life

Posted on 11. Jan, 2011 by Stacey Moses in Community Building

The title of this article is a bold proclamation: commuting to work on a bicycle can actually save your life.  When we talk about bicycle advocacy issues, we very often discuss safety issues for cyclists and infrastructure shortcomings for cities, but some of the most important and rewarding aspects of using a bicycle for transportation are the health benefits that utility cycling offers.  Using a bike for transportation, even if only for short trips, adds an estimated three to 14 months to the average lifespan of the cyclist, according to a study conducted at the University of Utrecht.  Adding time to a bicycle commuter’s life expectancy sounds a bit abstract, so I’ll be more specific.

Obesity is a health concern in the United States and in many other developed countries around the world, both in children and in adults.  In America, nearly a third of the population is obese, and this percentage is steadily rising.  People that are obese have increased risks of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and many other life-altering and life-threatening diseases.  In addition to making changes in one’s diet, increasing one’s physical activity is a big step in the right direction in reducing an individual’s risk of becoming obese and encountering these many related health issues.  Riding a bike at a moderate pace for an hour burns approximately 500 calories (more or less depending on your height, weight, sex, etc.).  If your commute takes about 30 minutes in each direction and you commit to riding just three days per week, you will have burned 6,000 calories after one month of bike commuting.  Keep it up for 50 weeks in a year and you will have burned 75,000 calories after one year of bike commuting.  A pound of weight is equal to 3,500 calories, so that’s more than 21 lbs. worth of calories expended without ever stepping foot in a gym.  According to 1 World, 2 Wheels, the average commuter loses 13 lbs. in his or her first year of commuting, and the net loss from commuting translates to a net gain in health benefits.

Riding for transportation purposes can also improve your mood.  Exercise is often cited as an effective way to combat feelings of depression and anxiety, as physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins, an all-natural, feel-good chemical.  Using a pedal-powered machine to get from home to work or from the grocery store to home has the same effect on the body’s endorphin production as an equal amount of time spent on a treadmill, and avoiding rush hour traffic in an automobile is an added bonus to this stress-relieving method of transportation.

And that’s not all.  New studies are published on a regular basis revealing that physical activity helps to lower people’s risk for strokes and many types of cancer and increases bone, muscle and joint health.  Utility cycling is all about being efficient, environmentally conscious and socially responsible.  Utility cycling is goal-oriented cycling.  Strengthening your lungs, heart, muscles and spirit while you commute to work and run errands is an amazingly useful benefit of utility cycling.

Great point! hope you enjoy this great article from Utility Cycling

Jason Archambault
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