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A yellow card for bad drivers - Osocio, Social Advertising and Non-profit Campaigns

A yellow card for bad drivers

Posted by Tom Megginson | 18-12-2010 22:14 | Category: Road safety


According to BoingBoing:

This card was designed by Peter Miller as an alternative to the kicking-of-doors and yelling-and-screaming that usually goes on when someone in a car recklessly endangers the life of a cyclist because they were talking on their phone, putting on lipstick, passing another car in the bike lane, etc etc etc. It’s a more subtle statement, but I think more effective. Peter has provided a PDF of the card to allow others to print it out on a magnet of their choice and distribute them as needed.

Based on the yellow penalty card used in soccer (football) and other sports, it’s a nice alternative to vandalism or flipping the bird. But at the same time, I’ve seen aggressive drivers go into insane road rage for getting a well-deserved glare — so I’m not sure tossing an unknown item at their car would end peacefully either.


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Great idea! I might try it!

Jason Archambault
Bicycle Trailers and Accessories

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