Thursday, December 2, 2010

350 Watt Underwater Sea Scooter Scuba, Snorkel, Pool

Are you interested in watersports?  Do you want to add more fun and leisure to your water activities?  Our Underwater Scooter can help navigate you through the water whether you are swimming, suba diving, or snorkeling. Save air, stay underwater longer and get more out of your diving experience!  This Underwater Scooter can be used in oceans, lakes, rivers, and pools for depths up to 65ft and speeds of 3.5 to 4 mph.  Get your underwater thrills with one of our Underwater Scooters!

*60-90 min of use per charge
*Battery recharges in about 6-10 hrs. Charger included
*Includes pump & ring for use in opening/closing the battery area
*Depth rating-65ft
*Approx. 18lbs
*3.5-4 mph
*Adjustable to neutral-buoyancy for diving, with included control chamber!
*Yellow in color
*O-ring Grease Lubricant
*Users manual
*Heavy Duty BackPack Storage bag

Safety Warnings: Please read usuers manual carefully for a full list. Children under 16 should not operate Scooter.  Always make sure battery is charged to its fullest before using. Do not open cover of Scooter in water. Do not use the Scooter below recommended depth or in rough sea or high waves.  Flotation device should be worn while using Scooter.  Scooter should only be used for Scuba qualified divers.

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