Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Outdoor Pool, Beach, Yard, and Spa 20L Solar Shower

Working in the yard, tanning, or swimming in the pool.  These are all great reasons to have an outdoor solar shower.  Rinse off the sunscreen, chlorine, dirt and sweat, with refreshing warm water.  The Solar Shower will add comfort to your outdoor lifestyle.

This Solar Shower is made from non-corrosive, durable PVC and attaches to wood or concrete surface. The cylinder heats and stores water, and hooks to a standard garden hose (not included).

*Warm water showers NO energy costs!
*Sunlight heats water naturally
*Heats water in 1 to 2 hours (time may vary on available sunlight.
*Hot & cold temperature adjustable knob
*Holds 20 liters (5.25 gallons) of hot water
*Stands 7ft tall

@ www.i10Direct.com

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