Thursday, November 4, 2010

Case of 50 Vuvuzela South African Soccer Football Horn Trumpet VuVu

Boy blowing a Red Vuvuzela

Product Description

The Vuvuzela is a Plastic horn measuring 24" long, and the end of the horn measures 4" round. The horns were made popular in the 2010 South African World Cup Soccer Games. They could be heard at every single World Cup Soccer Game. The crowd would cheer their favorite teams, and players to victory. The horn produces a sound when the user vibrates his or her lips while at the same time blowing into it, much like a trumpet. The tighter the lips are squeezed the higher pitch the note, the looser the lips vibrate, the lower the note and sound. Also, if you want a variation instead of just one sound while blowing you can blow in bursts or with your toungue block the mouthpiece and instead of one long note, you can produce many bursts of sound.


The Vuvuzulas can be purchased from

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