Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Outdoor Pool, Beach, Yard, and Spa 20L Solar Shower

Working in the yard, tanning, or swimming in the pool.  These are all great reasons to have an outdoor solar shower.  Rinse off the sunscreen, chlorine, dirt and sweat, with refreshing warm water.  The Solar Shower will add comfort to your outdoor lifestyle.

This Solar Shower is made from non-corrosive, durable PVC and attaches to wood or concrete surface. The cylinder heats and stores water, and hooks to a standard garden hose (not included).

*Warm water showers NO energy costs!
*Sunlight heats water naturally
*Heats water in 1 to 2 hours (time may vary on available sunlight.
*Hot & cold temperature adjustable knob
*Holds 20 liters (5.25 gallons) of hot water
*Stands 7ft tall

@ www.i10Direct.com

Weather Resistant Roof Rack Cargo Carrier- Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV's

Maximize vehicle space with a Weather Resistant Roof Rack Cargo Carrier. These cargo carriers offer protective transportation for your gear as well as other accessories. They are a must-have storage carrier for a weekend trip and/or family vacation. The Weather Resistant Roof Rack Cargo Carrier securely ties down to an existing vehicle roof rack with 8 straps.  Easily mounts on top of the roof rack of your vehicle and, when not in use, folds flat for easy storage.  No snag zippers allow for easy access and have a protective flap covering.

* Increases vehicle cargo space
* 12 Cubic Feet
* Black durable weather resistant material keeps your gear clean and dry
* Flexible Design fits odd shaped loads
* Attaches to your vehicle's roof rack in seconds with 8 straps
* Mounts to existing vehicle roof racks
* Folds compact for easy storage
* Waterproof, protects cargo against the elements
* Safe and secure way to carry luggage on top of your vehicle!

@ www.i10Direct.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday ecommerce shipping survey, 72 percent of merchants to use free shipping

For e-commerce retailers, the holiday shopping season is the most important time of the year. To increase profitability, many are recognizing the value of shipping practices and promotions.

In its latest survey on e-commerce shipping practices, Stamps.com found that 64% of respondents report that free shipping, with or without minimum spend, is the most effective promotion they can offer to drive sales during the holiday season, and 53% will be offering free shipping on more products this year compared to last holiday season. More than half (52%) of the survey respondents who use free shipping with minimum spend report their average order size increases by at least $4.

Free Shipping Is Seen as Most Effective Sales Promotion
According to 64% of the respondents, free shipping—with or without minimum spend—is the most effective promotion an e-commerce merchant can offer to drive sales during the holiday season.  Coming in second place was another shipping-related promotion. 26% of the respondents chose discounted shipping as an effective tool to drive sales.  Note:  survey respondents were allowed to choose multiple answers.


Merchants to Offer Free Shipping on More Products This Year
More than half (53%) of the merchants surveyed report that they’ll offer free shipping on more items this holiday season than they did during the same period in 2009.


In fact, 43% of those surveyed will offer free shipping on more than half the items in their product catalog.


How Much Do Customers Have to Spend to Get Free Shipping?
For merchants who require minimum spends in order to qualify for free shipping, 66% of the respondents required an average order size of $50 or more for consumers to get free shipping.



Free Shipping Increases Average Order Size
When using free shipping with a minimum order amount, e-commerce merchants can expect to see their sales increase. More than half the survey respondents (52%) report that free shipping increases their average order size by at least $4.00. 37% of the respondents claim to see their average order size increased by $7.00 or greater.



Most Merchants Ship Using Regular Delivery
When offering free shipping, 82% of the respondents send their merchandise using regular 3-5 day delivery.


Social Media is Being Used for Sales Rather than Customer Service
More respondents are using social media to drive sales to their site (54%) rather than customer retention (43%) or customer support (39%).


Seller Reputation Is Still King
Although shipping cost and speed are both important factors in driving sales, many merchants believe customers are influenced most by the seller’s reputation.


International Sales Add Up
The international market appears to be a good method to grow sales for e-commerce merchants.  82% of the respondents project that at least some of their holiday revenue will come from international purchases.  And 10% of respondents anticipate international sales to account for more than a quarter of their holiday sales.



Low Cost International Shipping Is a Must
Nearly half of the respondents (48%) report that low cost is their main consideration when shipping to international destinations, although package tracking and delivery speed are also important concerns.

This survey was sent to current Stamps.com customers that operate an e-commerce store.  The survey was conducted from October 21-28, 2010.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Case of 50 Vuvuzela South African Soccer Football Horn Trumpet VuVu

Boy blowing a Red Vuvuzela

Product Description

The Vuvuzela is a Plastic horn measuring 24" long, and the end of the horn measures 4" round. The horns were made popular in the 2010 South African World Cup Soccer Games. They could be heard at every single World Cup Soccer Game. The crowd would cheer their favorite teams, and players to victory. The horn produces a sound when the user vibrates his or her lips while at the same time blowing into it, much like a trumpet. The tighter the lips are squeezed the higher pitch the note, the looser the lips vibrate, the lower the note and sound. Also, if you want a variation instead of just one sound while blowing you can blow in bursts or with your toungue block the mouthpiece and instead of one long note, you can produce many bursts of sound.


The Vuvuzulas can be purchased from www.i10Direct.com