Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jumbo Pop-Up Greenhouse Protects Shrubs, Small Trees, Bushes, Plants, Garden from Frost

Product Description Our Jumbo Pop-Up Greenhouse Protects Shrubs, Small Trees, Bushes, Plants, Potted Plants and your Garden from Frost. This Pop-Up Greenhouse provides your outdoor plants, Fall, Winter and Early Spring protection from harsh weather conditions. The Jumbo Pop-Up Greenhouse offers protection from frost, snow, ice, and harsh winds. Sturdy construction, this Mini Greenhouse is built for year after year after year of use and re-use. Made from Heavy Duty Clear Polyethylene, and Spring Steel you will get many years of use from this unit.

This Mini greenhouse comes with 3 metal stakes that drive down into the ground through grommet holes built in to the bottom of this unit, providing that the wind will not blow this Greenhouse away.

This is our Jumbo size Pop-Up greenhouse, measuring 21"x21"x24". This unit is 24" Tall, and 21" across the top in both directions.

Some potential uses for this unit, but not limited to:
Tomato Plants, with or without Tomato Cage
Small Citrus trees
Small Patio Trees (Palm, Ficus, etc)
Any plant up to 24" Tall

Added Features:
-2 Handles on top of Greenhouse for ease of moving
-3 Metal Stakes
-Spring Construction great for summer storage when not in use, this unit collapses to about 1.5"

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